Values and Mission


Leading innovation, production and marketing of personal protective equipment, combining safety, health and comfort with prestige and distinction in a harmonious way.


To make available to the market, as specialists in shoemaking,a vast and innovative range of complementary products – from fashion footwear, high quality to technical footwear – capable of promoting the general good health of the user, as well as creating value and sustainability of the activity.

Relationship with Customers

The motivation of Calçado Penha´s activity on market opportunities presents strong advantages searching for competitive strategies and in the offering of creative and unique product,  which in addition to the utility has added the design. However,this guidance to develop new products depends on strategic elements such as the individualization of customer relations and focuses on building relationships that create and strengthen long-term cooperation and commitment.
It requires a constant attention to product quality and services, continuous innovation, and strengthening a close relationship with customers to ensure their satisfaction.


We develop collections with strong innovation and creativity based on evidenced skills and recognized by the market, particularly at the international level. So, its position in this segment forces us to feed the market with specific products, limited editions, signed, as in the fashion world looking more than the usual and repetitive cycles of trends and design study.
Creates international sale capacity framed on products with value.


The Quality is an innovation that recognizes the opportunity to rationalize and optimize management and organizational behavior. In Calçado Penha, Quality Management allows for standardization and continuous improvement of processes with a specific focus on customer satisfaction, providing security to the managers to take decisions and allowing the reading of accurate and reliable performance indicators.