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The Inspiration behind Penha shoes  was to create a footwear brand using artisanal innovation whilst being crafted by those who believe in ensuring the highest level of quality. This ideal has been created by a collaboration of innovative designers, with over fifty years of experience using the finest quality of leather, sourced by experts in their field. Ensuring quality along side ingenious design was paramount in designing this brand. We believe in pushing boundaries to give an elaborate and fashion focused experience to the wearer, one that is unique to our brand, as we believe our clients deserve. The aesthetic of our designs have been inspired by those of us who have dedicated their time and effort to pushing boundaries in footwear for the future, whilst being hand finished with our unique signature. We remain adamant like our namesake to be remembered for our art. With this blog we want to present you that Shoe designing is an art that only a few people in the world are able to excel. Some of the most experienced shoe designers are a part of Penha´s team, get ready for this adventure. Join Us

The Penha Shoes Company

Penha products never compromise on quality. We only use highly functional and durable materials to create beautifully finished products with an eye for detail. For example, you ́ll find that our seams are as perfect as our top-quality finish. To further ensure the high level of quality in the final item, producers submit at least five prototypes throughout various stages of creation – from the first prototype to the pre-production trial sample that precedes large – scale production. ( Search our products) We started our business in a simple way with deep values which we weren’t always consciously aware of. These values were a part of who we were and they guided our actions. Our values are taking initiative and…